1510795_211210575749667_1337290678_nFirst goal = raise awareness among the international community to end the war and help ensure civilian safety

The urgent task at hand is to promptly end the bloodletting and ensure that no more massacres take place. Ceasefire negotiations between the Government and Opposition have been ongoing for months in the Ethiopian capital, yet no substantive progress has been forthcoming while innocents continue to be massacred and lynched. In the absence of sufficient pressure, there will inevitably be a lot of foot-dragging. “We are Nilotic” aims to foremost raise awareness and rally members of the international community to bring meaningful pressure to bear on the warring parties so that an amicable agreement that swiftly ends the violence and ensures civilian safety is devised and strictly enforced. Short of a total cessation of hostilities with credible monitoring mechanisms, the threat of genocide will continue to hang overcast.

Second goal = assist charitable organizations in their work in ever-growing refugees camps

Secondly, while the United Nations and independent NGOs are doing their level best to help the people within their frontiers, reaching every single person remains an ominous if not an impossible task in the face of a worsening crisis. Their staffs, already overstretched, have often lamented of the ominous challenge of providing the most basic necessities such as food, water, healthcare, and sanitation to the currently affected refugees. Hospitals are either insufficiently equipped or completely devoid of life-saving drugs. The conditions in the camps remain insufferable and people are “squeezed into a space amounting to less than four square meters per person in a camp in Juba—The international minimum standard for prisoners” according to one aid worker. And with the number of the displaced expected to rise, things can only get worse for the benevolent agencies.

In this regard, “We are Nilotic”, appeals to charitable organizations to donate relief aid in the form of foodstuffs, essential medicines (for malaria, dysentery, typhoid and other endemic illnesses), sheltering material, and clothing articles. With the rainy season already in sight, the humanitarian situation will only get critical then. Waterborne diseases such as cholera will exponentially multiply. Already rampant and killing people in the camps, malaria will be one of the gravest threats. With the generosity of the international community, “We are Nilotic” seeks to assist the overstrained aid organizations in saving as many lives as is possible. Furthermore, given that many need special medical attention beyond what can be dispensed inside the camps, the availability of a sufficiently equipped clinic that can provide much needed care to infants, mothers and the wounded is of paramount importance. “We are Nilotic” seeks the help of the donor community in financing the erection and operation of this most crucial project.